Food and Health

I was recently speaking to a friend about food.  We were discussing the ideas of Organic vs. Non Organic, Raw Milk vs Pasteurized,  Whole Wheat vs Gluten Free.  I have an interest in healthy food. I have boys with special needs and there is lots out there about dietary interventions.  In fact, you can find a website to tell you anything you want to believe.  But I also have a limited budget and let’s face it, most “health food” cost significantly more.  Image

The more I pondered this, the more I came to the conclusion that If I really believe that God is my provider (Philipians 4:19) and that my health and even every breath I take comes only by the Grace of God then what have I to fear….

Please do not misunderstand me… I understand the science behind nutrition and the benefit of making wise choices.  But in a world of so much information it is easy to fall into fear if we cannot choose what we believe to be best because of cost.  I personally choose to buy the best quality I can afford.  That usually doesn’t include Organics or high cost supplements.  I am at peace with that.  If those things were truly necessary for me than I believe that my Infinite, All Powerful Creator would find a way to provide them.  After all, If he owns the cattle on a thousand hills, I am sure he could spare a few organic, grass fed heifers for me.

At the end of the day, I think the Fear of something can kill you as fast as the “something” can.  So I choose to make the best choices with what I have learned and what I can afford.  Then I find rest in knowing that the Creator of the Universe holds my life in His strong hands and it is more precious to Him than it will ever be to me.


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