Our Son is special.  He is beautiful and loving and different.


For the past seven years, a lovely woman at church has faithfully greeted him every week.  She puts up her hands and does a “high five” and then they keep going, counting by fives till they get to one hundred.  Then they do a “whoo Hoo” and a happy dance!  After years of this little game, he looks for her every week, Sometimes interrupting her as she speaks with big, important people.  She never waivers.  She is always ready for their greeting.  She knows that it is what he needs.

On Wednesdays, He and I drop my daughter off at youth church.  He holds my arm as we walk through the lobby.  Most kids of that age are a little uncomfortable with him.  Not sure what to do so it’s easier to do nothing.  A few weeks ago, a young man of 15 walked right up to us, looked my son in the eye and said “ Hi Jonah”.  I was so blessed.

I have a sister who is also special and different.  She is physically and mentally disabled.  I live far away now but sometimes when I call home, my mom will put her on the phone.  I always sing the same childhood song over the phone:DSC_0275

The steadfast love of the Lord

never ceases

His mercies never come to an end

They are new every morning,

new every morning

Great is thy faithfulness oh Lord, Great is thy Faithfulness

  Sometimes she sings the abc’s while I sing. Sometimes she just babbles.

Sometimes she hangs up.

But every once in a while she will belt out the words and sing with a heart that rings as clear as a bell!

Many of my friends make a lovely effort to greet my Son.  He doesn’t always respond.  It still means so much to me.  Not because he is “special needs” but just because he is special.  The same way that all of us are special…  The children of the Most High God.

In Acknowledging one another we can give glory to the Creator.

So find someone who might be lost in the shadows.  Make an effort, even if it is uncomfortable.  Teach your children to Greet the young and the Aged and the disabled.  Make a habit or a High five or a song with someone who needs a little extra stability in their life.  You may or may not make a lifelong friend.

But you will find your reward in Eternity.

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  1. Rhonda,
    I just read your post and thought you might be interested to know that our son, Michael, has worked for the past 10 years as an aide in special ed at the school district. He was 1 1/2 when Luke died and was there that day playing with a basketball on the patio by the pool. Although he was young when Luke died, he has memories of him. Michael is 32 now, going to school to be a teacher, but is amazing with people with special needs. He has also done respite work. Two of the kids he was a side-by-side for our now his good “friends”. One young man has Autism and Michael is like a brother to him. Michael takes him to concerts and goes to visit him. He has the same type of relationship with the other young man. I often get sad that Michael wasn’t able to be that kind of a brother to Luke, knowing how special their relationship would have been and how great Michael would have been with Luke, but I also know God has his plans and even though Luke wasn’t even around, Michael still has such a tender heart of compassion toward those with disabilities. Jonah sounds like a sweetie and your family is blessed to have him. Blessings to you sweetie…..and I loved being able to see the photo of Mariah!!! Love to you, Cory

    1. It is so lovely to hear about your son and the way his life has been shaped. Little Luke had a lasting impression on all our lives. Would love to see you next time I am home.

  2. Will Jonah ever really know how the Lord has blessed him with such an amazing Mama?
    Miss you, love you and so thankful tonight that Jonah has you.
    xoxoxoxo, Lis

  3. This brought me to tears… So, so beautiful 🙂 I don’t know you but I am inspired by your heart!Just came across your blog through THM 🙂 I am enjoying your recipes as well!

  4. What a precious story, Rohnda Sue, and you tell it beautifully. As we give Him glory through our acknowledgements and gentle kindnesses to others, we’re likely having a much bigger impact in people’s lives than we’ll ever really know. Thank you for the encouragement and sharing this today on The Sunday Social.

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