Peanut Butter Whip (low carb, S dessert)


I wanted to call this little number the “THAT-Time-Of-The-Month Peanut Butter Whip”!  And while I am dropping that as it’s official name… well… You get the idea!  There are just some days when a good creamy fat with chocolate is just what the hormones ordered!  So this has been my Go-To, quick and easy, Gotta-Have-It-Now dessert.


Here’s how!

Peanut Butter Whip

1/4 cup heavy whipping cream

1 Doonk of THM Pure Stevia Powder (that’s about 1/32 of a tsp or the little tiny scoop that comes in some powders… or you can use the sweetener of your choice)

1/2 tsp vanilla

2 Tbls peanut butter

85% dark chocolate bar or pre-made Skinny Chocolate (Chopped)

Roasted Peanuts


Pour 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream in a jar or bowl.  Add sweetener and vanilla and whip until thickened.  Add 2 Tbls peanut butter and whip briefly to incorporate.  Pour into dish and top with peanuts and chocolate.  Serves one!

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For me, this little dessert is so satisfying, especially when those craving are raging like a hurricane.  It is loaded with fat and sweet creamy goodness but won’t spike your blood sugar like a whole package of Oreos will…  Not that I have any personal experience with that scenario…

This dessert is an S and you will want to keep it as an occasional treat… Perfect for those few days when is seems the world might end if you don’t have something decadent right now.  Can anyone relate is is that just a crazy-me thing?



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  1. Could this be made ahead of time? I made the Truffle cake from the cookbook in a bundt pan and wanted to put the pb whip in the center, then drizzle chocolate ganache over it for Easter dinner tomorrow. I was hoping I could make it ahead but don’t want a mess on my cake plate tomorrow.

    1. I wish I could tell you for sure but I have never done it that way. It will hold up as well and and good and whipped, whipped cream would and I know I have frosted the Trimtastic cake that way and it’s fine the next day. But having it in between the two layers might deflate it a bit. I want to say that I think it can work but I don’t want to ruin your easter dessert so I am just not sure. But if you try it, please let me know how it works.

      1. I made this and placed in fridge in cups, it just thickened. Still yummy!!! I ate with on plan pb muffin.

  2. Does anyone know how much of the THM Sweet Blend you would substitute, please? Thank you! I can’t WAIT to make this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I need to make the Trimtastic cake sometime, too!

      1. Can you clarify if you are talking about the Gentle Sweet? If so, I teaspoon…and is it sugar free peanut butter? Thanks in advance.

      2. I originally made this recipe with the THM Pure Stevia Powder Extract as listed in the ingredients. You certainly could use Gentle Sweet or any other Stevia Based sweetener. And yes… Sugar free peanut butter.

  3. You are an angel! This hit the spot and you are correct about that time of the month. Sooooo glad I came across this tonight!

  4. How do you get it to be light an fluffy when you are using only 1/4 cup of whipping cream? Mine doesn’t look a thing like the picture 🙂

    1. Is it possible that you are not whipping it long enough? Depending on the brand of Heavy Whipping Cream and the appliance you are using, times may vary and it may take longer than you think. You want to be sure you have it good and fluffy before you add any other ingredients. Hope that helps….

  5. New to THM so I saw your recipe on FB for the first time today. Someone had substituted the 1/4c heavy cream for 1/2 c cottage cheese in order to have more. I blended it all up in the blender- it’s perfect and just the right amount! THANK YOU!!!

    1. I am sorry, but no…. it needs the cream to thicken it up. With Half and half it would just be like a smoothie. I know some people have used cottage cheese or yogurt but I don’t like it that way.

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