Chocolate Chip Cookies (Sugar free, THM S dessert)

I have been working for months on a yummy, chewy, chocolatey chip cookie that is also low carb but still taste and feels like a real cookie.  I have finally created one that is perfect for me!  But let me tell you that I learned long ago that one Man’s perfect cookie is another’s failed recipe. DSC_2064

Years ago, we hosted a weekly Bible Study at our home and a wonderful woman would sometimes bring a homemade batch of cookies that my Husband would just rave about.  He never raved about the cookies I made.  I thought my cookies were amazing but he would hardly eat any.  I didn’t understand.  After making inquiries, I was shocked to learn that not everyone likes chewy, soft cookies.  Those dry, crispy ones that I thought were burnt are actually the ones that my husband LOVES… Go figure.

So, if you already have a cookie recipe that you love and is working for your dietary goals then feel free to move along.  Such was not the case for me… Until Now!DSC_2149

I wanted buttery and soft but not Cakey.  I wanted them to taste like brown sugar and flour without actually having any of those ingredients.  While there is no actually substitute for brown sugar and white flour taste… I think I have come pretty close.

I chose ingredients that I usually have on hand.  I know some of you will ask about substitutions and you certainly can try different things but after trying lots of different combinations, this recipe is how I like them.DSC_2154


Chocolate Chip Cookies

In a mixing bowl combine and blend:

1/2 cup butter

3 egg yolks

1 tsp molasses

2 tsp vanilla extract

4 TBLS THM Sweet Blend (or sweetener of your choice)


2 Tbls Oat Fiber (not the same as oat flour, I get it here)

2 Tbls Protein Powder (I use this one)

2 Tbls coconut flour

5 Tbls almond flour

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

Mixed until well combined.  Then stir in:

1/4 cup walnuts or pecans (optional)

1/3 cup sugar free chocolate chips or 85% dark chocolate bar chopped.

Drop onto cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.  Makes one dozen cookies.DSC_2049


~Oat fiber is not the same as oat flour so you will want to make sure that you have the right thing.  You can substitute with coconut flour but I didn’t find the texture to be what I liked that way.

~After trying it different way, I decided to go with just the egg yolks for this recipe.  You can use 2 whole eggs, or one whole egg and 2 egg yolks if you must but I found them to be more of a cake-like consistency with the whole eggs and I really wanted cookies.  I save my whites in a jar in the fridge for making my Apple Oat Cake or the Rockin’ Roll Cake from Home With A Purpose.

~The protein powder was a way of adding more flour without them getting too heavy.  You can leave it out, if you need to but you will need to add some extra almond flour to make up for it.

~Molasses? Yes, technically it acts like a sugar and some of you will have concerns about this ingredient.  It is a concession that I am willing to make as that 1 tsp spread over a dozen cookies doesn’t add up to many carbs (5 for the whole recipe) but sure does add a lot of flavor.  If you are uncomfortable with using it, you could add caramel or maple extract or just leave it out.

~ I have always bought the Aldi 85% dark chocolate bars and chop up two of them for this recipe.  If you have a good chocolate chip that you like, they will taste great.  I would recommend one that is on the natural side and sweetened with stevia.  But since these are harder to find, I usually just  chop up the bars to be more economical for me.  (The bar option does add a tiny amount of sugar)

~ You can make the dairy free by substituting palm shortening or Earth Balance natural buttery spread.

~ For Trim Healthy Mama’s, The is an S dessert and I would keep the serving size to 2 or 3 cookies.  ( each cookie has 11 grams of fat and 1 net carb with 3 grams of protein).

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39 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies (Sugar free, THM S dessert)

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  1. I’ve finally admitted to myself that I just don’t care for almond flour. (Something about the oil-like texture it lends to food. Makes me gag) Any ideas on how I could omit/lessen it? Maybe if I divvy up the 5tbs among the other flour sources?

    1. I might just try adding one extra tablespoon of each of the other flours. I don’t think it will bulk up as much though. I haven’t tied it but if you do, I would love for you to let me know how it worked.

      1. Try Hazelnut flour…check for nutritional comparison, but I think it is similar. Hazelnuts give a really nice taste though.

    1. Kelly, I am sure that you could try that but since I haven’t actually tried that, I can’t make any promises. If you do use phyllium, I would love to hear how it works for you.

    1. Since this recipe only has 1 tsp of molasses spread out over a dozen cookies, it is a concession that many of us THMers are willing to make for the “brown sugar” taste. If you are not comfortable with that ingredient, you can just leave it out. It does lend such a nice flavor, though 🙂

  2. can I use the THM basic coconut flour mix to substitute?
    1 cup coconut flour (store bought)
    2 cup flax-seed meal/flour OR almond flour
    1 cup erythritol + 1 tsp NOW stevia OR 1 cup Truvia (store-bought)
    2 Tbs + 2 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp salt

    1. Leslie, In some of my earlier runs at this recipe, I did use a coconut/flax/almond flour mixture. I did not like it as much that way. I have not tried the specific blend that you are using so I cannot tell you how it will work. You may find that it works great but then it really would be a different recipe from the one I created. I would love to hear your feedback if you do try it as it helps me to answer others with the same questions.

  3. These cookies look great, I can hardly wait to try them. As far as the molasses goes…regular molasses has 15 grams per tablespoon…so 5 per tsp..I use blackstrap because the flavor is still there and the nutritional profile is outstanding…11 gm carbs per tablespoon…Over twice the potassium as regular molasses and 7% more calcium..2% more magnesium and 18% more iron! Good strong molasses flavor.. whats not to love?

  4. I have read that you could substitute whey protien for the oat fiber (I haven’t been able to find any locally) do you think this nigt work to get a simila texture?

    1. So, I just made the cookies! Lol, they didn’t look near as beautiful as yours did but they are delicious just the same. For those who don’t have oat fiber, I substituted that with Swanson’s Vanilla Whey Protein and it seemed to work okay, I don’t know the difference as I haven’t used the Oat fiber but FYI you will get those chocolate chip cookies you (or husband in my case) crave…I snuck one and might sneak another 😉 yumm! Happy Baking!

      1. HI Ruth, Glad that they worked for you. I think that ground psylium husk or more coconut flour would be more the consistency of oat fiber since it is so absorbent. I am glad to hear that extra protein powder is an option that can work, though. 🙂

  5. Rhonda Sue- I might just cry and I think we are soul mates/kindred spirits. I have been praying for a great choc. chip recipe for a couple weeks using ingredients I have on hand, haha! THANKYOU.

    1. … depends on the time of the month 🙂 On a normal day I will eat two… but some days just call for more cookies than others and I would rather satisfy the craving with these than binge on other options… I know that probably isn’t the “right” answer but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  6. have you tried to freeze the uncooked dough to make cookies as needed? I may try and will let you know, but just wondered if anyone had tried.

  7. Have you ever tried to freeze uncooked dough and make as needed? Will try but want to see if you have had any experience with it?

  8. I have made these twice now and they have been fabulously delicious both times. However, mine tend to flatten and burn around the edges and don’t look nearly as fluffy as the ones in your pictures. Is it something I may be doing wrong or something I should add (maybe gluccie or more coconut/almond flour) Any ideas would be appreciated. BTW just because of darkened edges does not meant they don’t still get guzzled by my husband, or myself 😀 yum yum!

    1. Hi Ruth, I am sorry that is happening. I usually get nice rounded cookies that hold together well. That did happen to me once but after I discovered that I used more protein powder instead of oat Fiber. (I had them both in baggies) So you want to be sure that you are using oat fiber and not oat flour or some other substitute. But assuming that is not the issue, Here are a few thoughts I have:
      1. The first thing I would try is letting your batter sit for an hour or so in the fridge before scooping them out and baking. It may be that the flours need more time to absorb the liquid.

      2.Check what kind of chocolate chips/chunks you are adding. I have found that skinny chocolate let’s off too much oil. And some of the store bought sugar free chips can melt strangely. I usually use a chopped up 85% cocoa bar.

      Lastly, I would try adding an extra table spoon of either coconut flour or oat fiber to see if that helps them to hold together.

      Hope we can get them to work for you… They are a big hit around my house and I love that I can grab a couple when I am heading out the door. Let me know how it goes so That I can know how to advise others.

  9. Hmm maybe it’s because I haven’t been using oat fiber at all, I haven’t got around to ordering it online yet. I have been substituting OF for protein powder…maybe that’s partly the issue.

  10. Hi, I made these last night and they were yuuuummy! I have been doing THM and hadn’t been eating desserts so finally decided to make one. I substituted Chia seeds for oat fiber because it’s what I had and I used maxwell house caramel flavored iced coffee concentrate for the molasses because I didn’t have molasses. Also I used salted butter as the recipe didn’t specify, but next time I use my salted butter I won’t add the additional salt as it was a tad bit salty. They were very tasty though and I loved not feeling guilty afterward. Thanks so much for posting this recipe!! 🙂

      1. Yes, you can use baking blend… in fact, the chocolate chip cookies in the THM cookbook are based off of this recipe but use baking blend instead.

  11. Can we use THM baking blend? If so how much would you recommend? Has anyone tried this? Would it be in place of the flax, coconut flour, almond flour, whey, oat fiber?

  12. I am making my second batch today. The first batch flattened out the way other people have mentioned, but today’s batch is staying nice and rounded—-I am wondering if the humidity in the air affects this? Whatever—they are DELICIOUS! Thank you so much! Sometimes I really want a soft cake-like cookie and there are plenty of recipes for those–but this is the first time my COOKIE craving has been totally satisfied!

  13. When you say sweet blend, Gentle Sweet or Super Sweet. I use Gentle Sweet and doubled it….they were very sweet. The recipe is great, just thought there might be others that are not sure either. For me personally next time I will use 4T Gentle Sweet. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!! BTW, have you found an on plan cookie that is crispy, the way your husband likes? My husband likes them that way too, but I haven’t found one that gets crispy without sugar.

  14. Hi there. I need some desperate help….I made a double batch of this and I cannot even eat one because they are seriously SO SO SO salty. In full disclosure – I did use salted butter AND added 1/2 tsp of Himalayan sea salt. Is their any – any thing I can do to save them? Please advise. Thanks Carla

    1. Hmmm… Hi Carla. I am not sure what happened. I always use salted butter so I don’t think that is the problem. I know that certain kinds of salt pack a saltier punch than others so maybe that could be it. I don’t know that you can change the flavor of the cookies once they are baked but in these cases… cause I have my own unsuccessful kitchen adventures sometimes… You could try breaking them up into crumbs and using that to make a pie crust. You can put them in a food processor with cream cheese and more sweetener and make little bon bons… adjusting the flavors as needed. Crumble them up and use for ice cream or shake toppings. I will let you know if I think of anything else….

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