Have Autism, Will Travel & the Wonderful People of Delta Airlines

Clicking through the internet a few months ago, I stumbled upon a story about an Autistic girl who was kicked off a United Airlines flight.  I cringed!  You see, we were planning a trip that would involve 4 separate flights, each with a different crew and my very anxious, getting-bigger-than-his-mommy Autistic son.  It had been a while since we had flown, and I was hopeful that this time would be better than the last but after reading the story of what would be my worst nightmare, I wondered if the tolerance of the flying public had finally snapped.

There was nothing we could do but hope for the best and plan for the worst… And plan, we did!

As is true with many individuals with Autism, our son has an obsession.  The one topic that he can never get enough of…. and for him is is Delta Airlines….  Now, mind you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is excited to get on an airplane.  He just thinks that if you do so, it should be on Delta!  For a few years now he has been collecting anything he can that says Delta on it.  Our wonderful friends and family always bring or send him whatever loot they can get off a flight, from wings to cookies… even napkins…  A flight attendant friend once sent him a box of goodies that kept him happy for weeks….

So of course we booked our flights with Delta.

Delta Boy

I need to stop this little tale for a second and tell you that, having been a part of the special needs community for most of my life, I have observed a few things.  And one of those things is this:

There is a lot of entitlement that goes on in the hearts and minds of some of us…. 

This belief that, because my life has this extraordinary challenge attached to it, I deserve my fair share of special treatment.  There is some truth in this… cause, I am not gonna lie…. We need a little extra help!  But that does not give us the right to be demanding or ungrateful for those who must go the extra mile on our behalf.

So we planned!   First I planned out all the food and special treats that Jonah would need over the course of those 4 flights… Nobody wants to sit next to a hungry kid!  We made sure there was toys, games & videos to help hold his interest.

Next we turned our attention to those who would be serving us on the flights.  We made up this little note card, attached it to a candy bar and passed them out to the entire crew on every flight.

Delta Boy-5

The response from this little act of appreciation was absolutely amazing!!!

I am happy to tell you that there are some amazing men and women jetting all over the skies and when you take a moment to truly appreciate their service, they will go above and beyond the call of duty!  Such was our experience.

We didn’t fly first class, but I felt like a celebrity on those flights.  Each person working the flight took the time to find us and thank us for the goodies.  They then proceeded to check on us on a regular basis to see if we needed anything.  Each of them took a moment to acknowledge Jonah and bring him special stuff to make his flight more fun.  On every flight, he was invited to the Cockpit by the Captain and on the last leg of our journey, Captain Tim Garvin finally succeeded in getting Jonah to agree.  You see, our kid was still a little nervous but the kindness of the flight crew won him over.

Delta Boy-2

Why am I sharing this story with you?  Because I want to share that there are really wonderful strangers in the world and when we treat them with kindness and appreciation, they will often respond in the most wonderful way.

A few weeks after we came home from our trip, the postman left a package on our doorstep.  I wasn’t expecting anything so I opened it with great curiosity.  In it, I found the most amazing gift for our Son.  Captain Garvin, who had already exceeded his duty in his kindness to Jonah, was not done yet.

Inside the box was a real, honest to goodness, Delta Captain’s Hat!  The beaming joy that sprung to this boy’s face was priceless.

Delta Boy-3

So if you find that the world is not quite meeting your expectations when it comes to your child with Special Needs, try a different approach.  Kindness and Gratitude has given us much more than an entitled attitude ever has.

A very special THANK YOU to the wonderful people of Delta Airlines for their extraordinary service and understanding they showed to one little Autistic boy who will forever be their biggest fan!!!


8 thoughts on “Have Autism, Will Travel & the Wonderful People of Delta Airlines

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  1. I loved reading this! Thank you! I have a couple of special needs kids (now grown). Our daughter is 30 and has spina bifida. She still lives at home. Our son is 27 and has his own apartment. He was characterized by the developmental clinic as a “teaspoon person.” He has a teaspoon of LD, a teaspoon of ADHD, a teaspoon of autism, a teaspoon of OCD. He’s quirky and scattered, but he ours and we love him dearly, as we do our daughter.

    1. Thank you Dirinda! I am so inspired by you and others who have walked this journey much longer than I. My Sister is also severely disabled from birth and My own dear mother is still caring for her. I hope to run this race as well as those who have run ahead. God Bless you and your family!

  2. RohndaSue, thank you for sharing! I’m so glad to hear you had a great experience. My family is a Delta family. My husband (a pilot) was so touched with your story that he forwarded your blog on up. I do hope that was okay, as other company employees can be inspired to take time and find creative ways to serve others and make a difference! God Bless!

    1. Thank you, Kathryn… Of course you may share it! I would love for lots of Delta Peeps to know how much we appreciate them and for others to be inspired to show appreciation for those who’s service makes such a difference in the lives of those with Autism!

  3. Hello Rohndasue, we at Delta Cargo department here at JFK NY, love this story. I atcually work for a non-profit agency that takes care of hundreds of special need individuals and it gives me great pleasure in seeing stories where both of my worlds meet. So many individuals never get the opprotunity to travel and i hope it changes with stories like this. Tell Jonah welcome to the Delta family.

  4. Hello there. I love this story. I have an ASD teenager and I hear all you are saying. So much work to go outside of the home. Even so much work in the home. This is such a cool story…. I had a lump in my throat when your son received the captains hat… 🙂 So awesome… Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful story that we can all learn from. I think we can all get an entitlement attitude in different areas of our life. Your way of handling what could have been an extremely challenging time for your family and for those around you is truly inspirational. Attitude can make such a difference in how people react to a situation. The people on those flights probably deal with a lot of difficult situations with little appreciation. How beautiful that you had such an opportunity to bless them in this way. If your son did not have autism, they would not have received this blessing. I hope that doesn’t sound tacky. I’m not very good with words, but I am just so inspired by this story. Thank you for sharing.

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