Zucchini Brownies with Cream Cheese Whip (Sugar Free, Low Carb, THM-S)

Chocolaty, fudgy, sweet... with lots of nourishing ingredients... Now that is the way to eat a Brownie.  Here is a way to use up some of that Zucchini and enjoy your dessert at the same time! The Zucchini adds a wonderful, moist texture without adding too much extra fat or eggs.  You see, I didn't... Continue Reading →


Chocolate Chip Cookies (Sugar free, THM S dessert)

I have been working for months on a yummy, chewy, chocolatey chip cookie that is also low carb but still taste and feels like a real cookie.  I have finally created one that is perfect for me!  But let me tell you that I learned long ago that one Man's perfect cookie is another's failed... Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Whip (low carb, S dessert)

I wanted to call this little number the "THAT-Time-Of-The-Month Peanut Butter Whip"!  And while I am dropping that as it's official name... well... You get the idea!  There are just some days when a good creamy fat with chocolate is just what the hormones ordered!  So this has been my Go-To, quick and easy, Gotta-Have-It-Now... Continue Reading →

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins (S)

Sweet, tangy and oh-so-lemony Poppy Seed Muffins are on the menu today and you are going to love the moist texture and the zesty flavor of these.  You are also going to love how nourishing and filling they are.  These Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins are grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, low-carb but full of flavor.     I have... Continue Reading →

Sugar Free Orange Sorbet (E)

The boys in our house have an evening ice-cream addiction.  So I have been working on some refreshing summer options that meet the picky standards of my guys while appeasing a health-conscious mom.   Well, by-golly, I think I've done it!!!This refreshing treat is made from whole foods and nourishing ingredients... We are loving it!... Continue Reading →

Coffee Cake (S)

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my entire family over this past Christmas holiday.  Along with the amazing fellowship and delicious food, I have to say that the coffee ranks right up there in the highlights of the trip!  Partly because we would all sit around Mom's kitchen table sharing and laughing,... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Praline Cake (S)

How many of you have ever made that Pillsbury recipe?  The one that used the devils food cake mix baked in a caramel pecan sauce and topped with whipped cream… Yeah, that was good!  And, I am not gonna lie, there is nothing like sugar to give it that chewy caramel topping.  But this is... Continue Reading →

Candied Pecans (S)

Sharing another favorite from the old family cookbook today.  We have always used this recipe for gifts around the holidays but, believe me, we eat our fair share of them too.  The crunchy-salty-sweet flavor of these pecans is hard to resist. The original recipe that I got from my best friend calls for 1/2 cup... Continue Reading →

Holiday EggNog (S)

Why is it that we only start to think of EggNog around this time of year? It isn't complicated to make and the creamy goodness taste great anytime.  But, alas, it is November and I am thinking about EggNog once again.  This year I have changed up my old standby recipe to reflect my new... Continue Reading →

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